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    Media coverage / NEW! VIP-Community

    VIP-Community /Radio & TV Shows

    Eva-Maria Mora has created a new online VIP-Community, with monthly events and a treasure chest full of valuable tools for you: e.g. mini-workshops, live channeled meditations, healing energies, energetic exercise, new light codes, mediumship, spiritual tool kit, raising of frequency, personal questions for the Angels through Eva-Maria, community exchange with support in a protected members only website.

    Please klick and register here:

    VIP-Community Events in German

    Radio Show Archive

    For many years Eva-Maria was presenting her own radio show every Friday on News for the soul This is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world, founded by Nicole Whitney. A new radio show with Eva-Maria is in planning.

    You just missed it – Please click the links of each show and go to the recordings!

    • May, 25th, 10.30 am PST, (18.30 Uhr MEZ) Eva-Maria was interviewed by DOUG LLEWELYN on CUTVNEWS Talk Radio
    • January, 29th, 12 pm/noon-1pm PST, (20.00 Uhr MEZ) Eva-Maria is a guest speaker on the new Radio show We carry the light
      with the wonderful host Dr. Susan Allison
    • January 31st, 1.30 pm-2.00pm PST, Eva-Maria was a guest on The Aware Show with Lisa Garr.
    • October 24th, 5.00pm-6pm PST Eva-Maria was a guest of Lynn Mc Kenzie and her master mind group. Eva-Maria was speaking about Activating your Divine Power which is also the title of her latest book. There is a great channelled healing meditation at the end of the recording.
    • March 21, 6.00 pm- 7.00 pm Eva-Maria is a guest of the famous Dr. Pat show
    • Tuesday, April 10th from 3:30pm – 4:30pm PST Author and Medical Intuitive Eva Maria Mora goes 
Online With Andrea.
    • Friday, April 13th 10.00 am -11.00 PST 
Eva-Maria is a guest of Tawn at
 Sedona talk radio
    • Mar 13th 7:00 PM CST Eva-Maria interview & live readings at the Awakening zone
    • Feb. 27th 5.30 pm-6.30 pm PST 
Eva-Maria is a guest on Sheryl Glick´s show “Healing from within”
    • Jan 27 3.00-4.00 pm PST 
Eva-Maria is a guest on the Aloha show (Maui)
    • Jan 26 9.00-10.00 pm PST
 Eva-Maria is a guest on Robert Pepinos radios show TheWholeAgenda
    • Jan 23rd 7.00-8.00 am PST 
Eva-Maria is a guest on “Conscious Talk Radio” www.conscioustalk.net Show can be found on the Conscious Talk Website Archive Section usually the next business day.
    • Jan 14th Eva-Maria was a guest on Good Vibrations Radio: Tools for
 Transformation with Solarzar & Kyralani www.GoodVibrationsRadio.com

    Many more radio interviews and TV-shows

    Radio Interview with Eva-Maria Mora

    Radio Interview with Eva-Maria Mora
    May, 10th , 2011 – 6:00pm -7:00pm Pacific Time 
Journey with the new children

    Teleseminar Eva-Maria Mora & Lynn Mc Kenzie, 2011

    As a special belated Valentine´s gift for all Eva-Maria Mora invited to a free Teleseminar with Lynn Mc Kenzie, author and animal communicator.

    DateitypEva-Maria Mora & Lynn Mc Kenzie, 2011

    TV Germany

    The documentary “Angels in America” aired 2007 several
    times on WDR, leading TV-station / national television

    TV Switzerland

    Interview with Eva-Maria & Michael Mora view archive at www.telezueri.ch

    TV Internet

    Interview in english with Eva-Maria & Michael Mora, view archive at www.secret.tv. (registration required)

    Radio US

    “Above and Beyond” Radio Show
    Interview with Eva-Maria and Michael Mora about QA-Healing

    Interview with Eva-Maria and Michael Mora about QA-Healing and
    Quantum Touch

    Radio Austria

    Interview with Eva-Maria about healing relationships, book
    Quantum-Angel-Love, with Antenne Salzburg, 2007

    Print US

    Articles published by Eva-Maria Mora on regular basis in
    Arizona Networking News (see link articles)

    Print Germany

    Regular column “Love-Coaching” with Eva-Maria Mora, published in
    every edition of von Kamasha – magazine for positive news.

    last editions

    The law of attraction – Das Geheimnis der Anziehungskraft Who is my soulmate – Wer ist mein Seelenpartner? www.kamasha-news.de